Kevin Barrett (1978-1983, 1996-present) - founding member/drummer Kevin Barrett is known for his slick fills and full-on party attitude.

John Talley-Jones (1978-1983, 1996-present) - founding member/vocalist/bassist JTJ is an epicurean with a taste for doom-laden riffage.

Rob Roberge (2005-present) - guitarist/writer Rob Roberge once drank Keith Richards under a very low living room table on the island of St. Moritz.

former members incude:

Delia Frankel - vocals (1978)

Steve Willard - guitar (1978)

Kjehl Johansen - guitar, vocals (1978-1983, 1996-1998)

Rod Barker - guitar, vocals (1998-2005)

David Nolte - guitar, vocals (1998)

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